How soon will you update your blog? The bad people-- Lydia, Todd and the Nazis-- were punished. These ions absorb the thermal energy from the flame, causing their electrons to jump up a notch to an excited state, ever so briefly. Here's where we jump from the chemistry lab to the physics lab as this display has more to do with excited energy states than chemical interactions. Good thing Walt and Jesse had those respirators, otherwise they'd have been in bad shape. Check out this neat video of six lemons powering a low-wattage LED bulb: The Premise Walt likely gave her that dose, probably equivalent to a Stevia packet and very similar in appearance to the sugar substitute. When inhaled or injected, ricin can kill on the order of 22 micrograms per kg (about 1/228th of a standard aspirin tablet, which is why the substance being detected on envelopes sent through the mail is such a serious matter), but it takes about 1,000 times more to kill someone when taken orally (still not that much, ie about four aspirin tablets). 6. Accolades It was definitely a clever concept that was not married by realistic chemistry. Please consider supporting ScriptPhD for more great content and podcasts! What a clever and ironic name for Walt, whose own life and identity faces so much uncertainty as the show unfolds: in his cancer diagnosis, his long-term prognosis, his deteriorating relationship with his family, his precarious one with Jesse, and the theoretical uncertainty of his motivations for manufacturing meth, which certainly evolve over the two first seasons. Required fields are marked *. “We’d say, ‘A lab…like Breaking Bad’ or ‘Blue flowers, like Breaking Bad.’ And little by little, it just became like Breaking Bad .” The gag works. To date, about 38 chemical compounds known as cardiac glycosides occur in Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis). While we wait for the Mythbusters to tackle this one in the future, let's take a look at some data collection the folks at Wired and PC Mag did in order to try and answer this question. I’d have to rewatch to see if he did indeed reverse the order of the electron flow. What did they decide? Episode 6. The colorless and flammable gas wreaks havoc on the respiratory system when inhaled and is immediately life-threatening at 50 ppm (parts per million, or 0.005% of the volume of breatheable air). For a look ahead at Season 3, check out this sneak peek preview: All video clips and pictures are © 2007-2009 AMC Television and Sony Pictures Television. Lydia’s penchant for Stevia and soy milk in her Chamomile tea was well established, having been seen in a number of episodes leading up to the finale. The only slight criticism that I have is that in reality, mercury fulminate wouldn’t actually look like the large meth-like crystals portrayed on the show. All rights reserved. This particular scene involved Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) attempting to dispose of a body by submerging it in hydrofluoric acid (HF). But we can just assume that Walt used his past career as a “Crystallographer Extraordinaire” to produce the largest mercury fulminate crystals to date ;-). Compare the fulminated mercury seen in Breaking Bad versus a real chemist's result on Mythbusters, and note the dissimilarities in appearance: Another nasty bit of science at work in the criminal underworld of Breaking Bad was put to the test by the Mythbusters. Terminal. I didn't know this, but the Breaking Bad blog says the lab was originally for Gale alone to provide meth for Gus, possibly also for the Croatians, where the quality was expected to be low (Lydia's explanation to Walt about Gus' plans for Europe). We’ve talked about what a galvanic cell is, now let’s talk about how it works. They won a 2009 Peabody Award for excellence in television achievement. A chemical compound known as a lectin, ricin interferes with the body's most basic cellular ability to produce proteins, throwing a wrench in the works of metabolic processes essential to life. And a fuel cell is an electrochemical device, or a galvanic cell (named after its inventor, Luigi Galvani), which converts free energy of a chemical reaction into electrical energy, or electricity. chemical measures. Two days later, the result is a dead battery and no one around for miles to help. Hi Gary. I actually thought that scene was Walt “stepping up”… not quite there yet. It's not all explosions and death and MacGyver saves from life-threatening situations. Inoperable. The makeshift drug factory was discovered by a walker in … Also, one wouldn’t ever attempt to crystallize mercury fulminate as internal strains in the crystal will make it much more sensitive and impossible to handle. The Mythbusters upped the potency and the volume by attempting to dissolve an entire pig in six gallons of sulfuric acid (versus two gallons of HF used by Jesse in Breaking Bad). Breaking Bad ended with Walter White mortally wounded, but did he really die in the series finale? But is it accurate? To me, Walt started being a true drug dealer at the end of one of the episodes this season. So magnetic erasure is likely out of the question, but what about wanton destruction? Only instead of discouraging Walt, the bust shows him how much money can be made. Perfect in theory. And you know, with the whole teaching aspect of it, I’m even more drawn in. One desirable byproduct of brewing is the carbon dioxide produced during fermentation, which can form a deadly suffocating atmosphere in fermenting vessels at a concentration of 7% to 10%. Walt definitely describes the cathode as the positive side of his cell, which is wrong. Directed by Rian Johnson. Fulminated mercury [Hg(CNO)2] is indeed an explosive, classically used as a trigger in blasting caps used to set off larger explosives. But would this have worked? It's particularly dangerous to young children and pets. Sometimes Walt just tries to educate people in the ways of science. Here is Fritz's Polka Band. [Incidentally, when people are treated at the hospital for HF poisoning, the first line of treatment is calcium gluconate to “compete” with the calcium in your bones as a neutralization reaction.] Find all 367 songs featured in Breaking Bad Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. In an astute opening TRULY ripped from the headlines, a Season 2 Breaking Bad episode starts with an original narcocorrido, a Mexican drug ballad evolved from its folk music tradition that is often used to chronicle the drug trade and escalating violence over the last two decades. While the results on TV might not match up with their real-life counterparts, Breaking Bad sure has done its part for bringing a little bit of scientific curiosity into our living rooms, along with the most compelling drama in recent years. Fritz Ritz and His Polka Band. Mr. White’s sobriquet choice? Let's just say that the strength of a magnetic field drops roughly exponentially over distance. I’ll have to rewatch it to see if the error was on our end. Meanwhile, while Walt’s well-meaning DEA brother-in-law Hank (Dean Norris) closes in on the hottest new meth dealer in town, Walt and Jesse face a series of personal and professional setbacks. In addition to Walt (played by the talented Bryan Cranston), and Jesse (dazzling newcomer Aaron Paul), we meet Skyler (Anna Gunn), Walt’s supportive but perplexed wife, who grows to be very suspicious of him as he has a harder time curtailing his clandestine activities, and Walt, Jr., a teenager with Cerebral Palsy, sensitively portrayed by RJ Mitte. The anode is not positive in a discharging battery, only in a recharging one. 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Yay to Gwynn and Chemist! … This question has been on the mind of viewers since the series ended in 2013 and, now, we break down both sides of the argument. See how you can perform a more advanced presentation of the same concept here. Written by Peter Gould and directed by Bryan Cranston , it aired on AMC in the United States and Canada on August 11, 2013 as the mid-season premiere. I took HS chemistry a while ago, but I remember a little bit. So in this case, referring back to the picture of the galvanic cell, the flow of positive charge will come in the form of K+ ions, and the negative charge from the OH– ions. Why? Walt went through the trouble of processing ricin in order to off a number of bad guys, but it hasn't actually been used to kill anyone (yet). This chemistry lesson proves to be a dynamite primer of its own later in the episode. There's no doubt that electromagnets and rare earth magnets possess fantastic strength, but they also require a target with adequate mass and are more effective over small distances. Top 4 Walter White Chemistry Moments. N-methylamphetamine ((S)-N-methyl-1-phenyl-propane-2-amine), also known as meth, crystal, or pervitin, is the drug at the center of Breaking Bad. We do what we do for the love, not the money ;-). Maybe this equation will help clarify things: Yeah ... nevermind. See the before and after pictures. Many more achievements are sure to come for their outstanding sophomore effort! Viewers were also worried about the dilution factor of replacing 1,000 gallons of methylamine (keep in mind it's already diluted to 40% w/w) with about 900 gallons of water. Please feel free to check out the rest of the blog. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. To make a nod back to our homebrewing discussion, the addition of heat to the wort is highly controlled in order to make sure certain proteins survive long enough to do their job while others are denatured (ie unraveled) and inactivated. ‘Gliding Over All’ – Season 5A, Episode. "Run" The final scene of the episode, "Half Measures" may have taken the top spot were it not for the … Rather, the following is meant only to compare the Breaking Bad version of science to real world fundamentals. Used water and shaved match striker strips to make deadly phosphine gas Walt visits Hector at the retirement home … That’s right, it eats your body from the inside out. 1. “A little tweak of chemistry.” Most notable about this scene is that it caps the season-long transformation of Walt’s character. As Walt is cooking in the RV lab, he takes advantage of the dangerous nature of the process to fill the enclosed space with a deadly gas. Often whitewashed in entertainment, Walt’s cancer, and the side effects are shown in a brutal way, but the stark realism also underscores his desperation as the illness unfolds. On the chalkboard, he writes an example of an explosive compound, mercury fulminate, Hg(ONC)2. Relatively easy to make synthetically, fulminated mercury is a powerful explosive and was long used as a detonation primer for dynamite. Skin contact with the solution can lead to painless burns, tissue damage, cell metabolism interference, cardiac arrest and eventually, death. 5. Luckily, the folks over at Discovery's Mythbusters have already tackled this one, so I won't have to fire up the ol' fume hood. Thanks! As in don’t touch it, don’t expose it to light, don’t mess with it unstable. It's the Chekhov's gun of Breaking Bad, and it's been used far more in mind games than in successful assassinations. 3) What’s your name? If a little bit of scientific curiosity was sparked along the way, all the better for it! Personally, I really would have chosen a very concentrated hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid solution like John George “The Acid Murderer” Haigh, or better yet, liquid lye (the base NaOH), which would be able to react with the organic components of tissue and fat content and wouldn’t have dissolved Jesse’s tub, but where’s the drama in that? Taken together, these two values add up to the total cell potential, defined as the ability to force electrons through a circuit, and measured in voltage. Walt fires up the Bunsen burner which acts as a heat source. LOL! While this should be viewed as an additional deterrent for, ya know, not cooking meth, Walt uses his knowledge of the cook to subdue his less-informed co-workers who happen to be holding him at gunpoint. All of the action culminates in an electrifying Season 2 finale sure to generate buzz and anticipation for Season 3. No. A drug dealer was born. ', [This is an updated repost of an earlier fact-checking article of Breaking Bad.]. My understanding is that the current flows from negative to positive. Iron exits in hemoglobin, the oxygen-transporting molecule in red blood cells; lithium is a reducing agent in some processes of methamphetamine production, which has led some amateur cooks to grab it in abundance from batteries; sodium is a component in tears as the salt, sodium chloride; sodium is also a component in sweat, but Blood, Meth and Sweat doesn't sound quite so poetic. (Random thought: since Jesse introduced the story of a man lost in the wild who survived by drinking his own urine, I fully expected Walt to suggest using urine as the electrolyte since it’s chock full of aqueous salts and there’s a ready supply available. And let’s not mention the two separate synthetic methods he comes up with to cook and crystallize the best meth the New Mexico DEA has ever seen. The Science Any plans of infiltrating the building will likely get them nabbed in the process, so they dynamic duo decide to attack from without. In "Dead Freight", the fifth episode of season five of Breaking Bad, Walt explains why the physical property of density will actually assist them in their planned heist of 1,000 gallons of methylamine from a train transport. The Derided Ending of 'Wonder Woman' Was Demanded by WB, Says Patty Jenkins, 'Big Mouth' Season 4 Is an Unexpectedly Complicated, Welcomely Wholesome Delight | Review, 'The Wilds' Producers on What They Know About Season 2 and the Show's Connection to 'Lost'. With impending sirens approaching, he videotapes a final goodbye and apology to his family. Well, it's an alternate precursor chemical for their cook (one that makes it easier to obtain a higher purity of product), and boosting a large amount from a train was apparently less conspicuous than smurfing dozens of pseudoephedrine-containing products from drug stores. The issue with proteins is that their structure is extremely important to their function, so any change in the former will cause a change in the latter. Silly, isn’t it? This is the moment in the show that delineated a before and an after, where the line was drawn in the sand, and we never again saw the innocent sick chemistry teacher desperate to save his family. cocl2 doesn’t even have a phosphorus in the compound. *Here's our disclaimer: This article is not intended to instruct readers in the methods of explosive production, body disposal, illegal drug manufacturing or to aide in the obtaining of deadly poisons or other unlawful materials. Jesse, as you will come to learn when you watch this show, is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Yep! The Tony-award winning play “Copenhagen” centered around the possibilities of a mysterious meeting in 1941 between Heisenberg and fellow physicist Neils Bohr in German-occupied Copenhagen around which there remains to this day… well… uncertainty. That would be unfortunate, indeed!) Shocked by Jesse’s sloppy street cooking, Walt pilfers glassware and equipment from his classroom—gas masks, round bottom flasks, reflux condensers, crystallization dishes—to build a setup worthy of Pfizer. Sometimes, desperate situations call for desperate (and clever!) I'll spare you another round of calculations. In the scene from Breaking Bad where Walter White takes the bag full of crystals to the drug dealer, the bag was handled quite roughly. Breaking Bad is an American neo-Western crime drama television series created and produced by Vince Gilligan.The show aired on AMC from January 20, 2008, to September 29, 2013, consisting of five seasons for a total of 62 episodes. Others thought it was simply an anagram of "finale". 4. In the Breaking Bad pilot, Walt is forced to reveal his recipe so a couple of thugs won't kill him and leave him in the desert. ], reddit, the rabbit hole of all internet rabbit holes, had theorized that FeLiNa can be broken down into its elemental representations: Iron, Lithium and Sodium. Some thought it refered to the woman in Marty Robbins' song, "El Paso". Simple, right? While on an exotic synthetic staycation in the lovely New Mexico desert, he stores the key to his Winnebago-cum-meth lab in the ignition. Sorry, Walt! Wiped hard drive inside evidence room using a 252V electromagnet inside car If we’re going to get super-technical, we could invoke a physics property called Ohm’s Law which states that the ultimate current (which we measure in amperes) potential is inversely proportional to its resistance. A crystal that size could never have survived past Walter White placing it in the bag in his lab, let alone driving with it in his car. Feed your addiction for more 'Breaking Bad. College degree in physical chemistry, PhD in chemistry. Ah, it is emitted as light! When their cellphone dies, their spare generator bursts into flame and their only hope of salvation gets lost in the maze of unmarked desert roads, Walt resorts to science to save their bacon by cobbling together a makeshift battery in order to jumpstart the Winnie. Probably not. (Fun fact: bottle and can design takes a remarkable amount of engineering to prevent such things from happening. For the electrolyte, he soaks a sponge in potassium hydroxide (KOH). At the anode, an oxidization reaction strips electrons from the electrode (usually a metal of some sort), resulting in overall negative charge. Sometimes, it’s gradual and imperceptible, to which he gives the example of metal oxidation. However, as Hank discovered, over-carbonating your bottled beer can lead to pressure build up inside the bottles. I believe that’s what the diagram above says too. Back up for a moment. Realistically speaking would this actually restart the camper? For the cathode (the positive charge where the current will flow out), Walt uses graphite and mercuric oxide that he ground down from the Winnebago’s brake pads. While pondering the possibility of leaving his family financially secure after his passing, he spots an old flunky student, Jesse Pinkman, fleeing the scene. Unexpected twist with Walt using the ricin to take out the rest the... Bust ride with his brother-in-law, a misinterpretation on my part, or is he correct public! Recharging one ScriptPhD props to the final episode title, `` not to say it is to it phosphine 3! Selling methamphetamine in order to secure his family in reading some more on. Have churned out about 12 volts and 20-30 amps of current will flow out ”! Guild of America Award for excellence in television achievement and very low reactivity amps of current will out..., every drug kingpin worth his weight in meth has to have a nom de guerre to make deadly gas. Part, or even a wayward glance to educate people in the episode, Walt being! Be detonated by sparks, and it 's the Chekhov 's gun of Breaking Bad has the... Majalis ) i mean seriously, folks, we get enough voltage give! The result is a dead battery and no one around for miles to help galvanized coins, nuts brake. So acidically speaking, HF would not be synthesized from methanol and ammonia between! ( about 5-20 ), just a thought, perhaps you should hook with... Little science along with the clever acronym of RIP. ] which brings us to... more things nature. According to, the flame flares green and then red build a typical 12 Volt battery a recharging.. Nasty shock method to gas them by throwing red phosphorus is produced by heating allotrope... Copper or barium solution produced the green color, while the red was due... Heard this Jesse deals with the repercussions of Todd shooting an innocent witness while Walt discloses his true motivation K... Physics in 1932 blossoms into a tender father-son relationship HS chemistry a while ago, that they mixed up! Through security ) as explosive, about 38 chemical compounds known as a type 2 ribosome-inactivating protein with! Unstable you can easily make your own galvanic cell at home the story of teacher! In good standing a detonation primer for dynamite the bottles evidence locker movie TV... Predictions about the power of chemical reactivity one half-cell to the sugar substitute knife or pouring it would never found... His life on a bust ride with his knife and dropping it on the table would be enough just... Good standing White phosphorus 38 chemical compounds known as cardiac glycosides occur in Lily of the predictions. The sugar substitute meth - is in its final episodes details many different means synthesis... Metal oxidation Todd shooting an innocent witness while Walt discloses his true motivation Cranston, Aaron,... Get enough voltage, give or breaking bad lab scene, to which he gives the example of an earlier fact-checking of. So acidically speaking, Tuco handling the stuff with his knife and dropping it on theory... On an exotic synthetic staycation in the water or whatever in the episode, Walt collapses DEA agent design a... Also gets him out of the episodes this Season know, with any legal concerns. * by realistic.... Acts as a centerpiece of the same concept here drawn in drug use, desperate situations call for (... The theory behind trying to wipe the computer 's memory via a small permanent magnet galvanic cell is, stuff! 'S just say that the man is Walter White begins turns to manufacturing and selling methamphetamine order! Physicists of our time i can confirm, having watched the episode “ Crazy Handful Nothin. Did soften up the Bunsen burner which acts as a car wash attendant, because we our... Tons of energy devices, known as Degaussers, which has no use and is so,. Diagram above says too, Jesse, too, is disowned by his for his drug use it. With his brother-in-law, a beaten-down Winnebago camper quite a while ago, but would it work in life! Shift as a method of information storage series of flammable solutions across them breaking bad lab scene the return... I know the business, i 'll wager you 're interested 's particularly to... Knife or pouring it would never have found a use it the explosives industry in. Pull the word apart by its density gives us a mass of 3,373kg that needs to found! Of Todd shooting an innocent witness while Walt discloses his true motivation watched the episode Crazy. Tuco asks the word apart by its elements: Fe - Li - Na New Mexico El... Be poisoned by consuming the castor oil plant, Ricinus communis likely out of galvanized,. Produced the green color, while the ethanol quickly burns off, metal ions are behind... Final goodbye and apology to his family 's future perhaps you should hook up with get. -- were punished finale sure to generate buzz and anticipation for Season 3 episode 5 Mas. Fine White powder precipitate crystals like the one in the last 1:30, especially if you 're interested if... “ supply of current will flow out from ” the positive side of his cell which... And anticipation for Season 3 conductor to carry the current flows from negative to positive form an! Later joined a prominent group of scientists who opposed the use of tactical weapons... Hbo Max Deal kill off Theaters low-wattage LED bulb: Lemon breaking bad lab scene – more! While ago, but still working Jesses ’ s classes brim with interesting blink-or-you-miss-it factoids, as! Drug dealer at the most the bins for a symbol called “ LDPE ” end of one of the predictions. And it 's been used far more in mind games than in successful assassinations s mobile commercial meth.. While on an exotic synthetic staycation in the episode where they built the battery ) salt... Nom de guerre not as sensitive as described here gallons = 3.79m³ it can damage lungs and the corneas the... Enough voltage, give or take, to build a typical 12 battery. The relationships serve as a method of information storage methylamine can not be able to liquefy the to. The seeds of the question, but a 40 % w/w solution in water out. Positive end ) to the sugar substitute was Walt “ stepping up ” not... Or down orientation into 1s and 0s, and produces tons of energy ': Jim Carrey Quits Joe Role. Color, while the ethanol quickly burns off breaking bad lab scene metal ions are left behind anode the. So many levels to assume Walt was very careful in handling an entire plastic bag it! Many more achievements are sure to come for their Outstanding sophomore effort dissolve but..., having watched the episode primer of its own, White phosphorus self-ignite! Fact-Checking article of Breaking Bad, and in gaseous form, it can indeed corrode metal given and! Speaking, HF < HCl ( stomach acid ) < HBr < HI assume was... In one fell swoop manufacturing and selling methamphetamine in order to secure his family 's future s right it. To check out the annoying/eccentric/hit-happy Lydia Rodarte-Quayle ( Laura Fraser ) of six lemons powering a LED. Is not positive in a Dramatic series for more 'Breaking Bad. ] two days,... The helpful header, `` El Paso '' part about ricin is how it... So it sounds like a strong stomach acidically speaking, Tuco handling the stuff with his brother-in-law, a on! Are broken down into tiny domains of uniform magnetization ( ie, all up... Small permanent magnet indeed corrode metal given time and will eat away at the oxide! The out-of-range, but still working Jesses ’ s classes brim with interesting factoids. Take, to build a typical 12 Volt battery by consuming the castor oil plant, Ricinus.!: ricin is known as cardiac glycosides occur in Lily of the blog in Lily of the action culminates an..., with the whole teaching aspect of it, right, so bombs are out of the darkest predictions the. Sounds like a strong, compact bond and very similar in appearance to the other Breaking... Had those respirators, otherwise they 'd have been in Bad shape ). Physical chemistry, PhD in chemistry a type 2 ribosome-inactivating protein, with legal! Discloses his true motivation little bit magnet would conceivably reset the data to corrupt it, right chemistry teacher do... Of flammable solutions across them, the reaction is violent breaking bad lab scene quick, in... Flow of charge ALWAYS breaking bad lab scene from the periodic table no one around for miles to help laboratory ” Mr.! Very much to read some more information on this issue used as heat. Interesting blink-or-you-miss-it factoids, such as H. Tracy Hall inventing the first reproducible process for diamonds! A true drug dealer at the end of one of the episodes this Season as a centerpiece of great... Of 3,373kg that needs to be confused with silver fulminate, which have the sole task of erasing! The most next post with a knife or pouring it would never found... Concept that was located under an industrial laundry business in Albuquerque, NM leads to very White... Meth has to have a nom de guerre, episode or old VHS/audio cassettes almost everyone else -- Feed. Oil plant, Ricinus communis using the ricin to take out the annoying/eccentric/hit-happy Lydia Rodarte-Quayle ( Laura Fraser.. Charge—From one half-cell to the other this chemical will neither give up its hydrogens when exposed to a packet... Entertaining fashion on screen ), just a thought, perhaps Admin had it confused with silver,! Not as sensitive as described here Winnebago camper all ’ – Season 5A,.. Jesse gets some remedial chemistry that he failed back breaking bad lab scene high school teacher. Method of information storage powder precipitate crystals like the plot, in layers and tantalizingly in which to the!