I’ve put my geraniums in pots in a garage without windows.I’m leaving a flourescent light on in the garage for about 4 hours a day, will this work the same as natural lighting. I hope this helps Hi Maria, I have nowhere in the home these can be placed. Do you mean around the stems or around the flowers? Hi Karen, I have pruned mine back to new growth. Shall I repot it, cut it back or what can I do? Hi all . I am wondering if this was just because we had hardly any frost, or perhaps this position provides sufficient protection. Over wintering geraniums in a cold green house is simple as long as you follow these steps. Thanks Graham. It probably will affect the spring bulbs, there’s not going to be much compost around the bulbs and so a shortage of nutrients too, I would personally “bite the bullet”, empty out and replant the bulbs in fresh compost and also mix in some slow release fertiliser too to ensure great flowers next spring! If they are heading outside then I would recommend keeping them in a cold frame or similarly sheltered spot. The lack of light will not do the plants any good to be honest, also there won’t be any air circulation which will encourage mould. Graham. But most varieties are half-hardy and would be killed by the frost if left outdoors all winter. Firstly, pot you geraniums up if they are not already in pots, then over the months of october and November reduce the watering until the compost it almost dry. If it dies, then I will just buy a new one next year like I always do, but this is … Increase ventilation around them by spacing them out a little if you can. All the best Anne, Hi Annette, I hope this helps This blog is really useful. I triple-fleeced mine last year. Carry on browsing if you're happy with this, or find out how to manage cookies. They will survive as long as they’re frost free. Good luck with them Also the plants are very bushy, so should I cut them down and if so ,how much. Fuchsias, geraniums and verbena are all tender perennials, meaning plants that are not cold hardy. A minimum temperature here is +5c over night. Geraniums will grow tall and leggy if they're not pruned regularly. However if these aren’t available then pop them into a cold frame in a sheltered position close to a wall or fence. The Grey Lady Plymouth is now very tall and leggy. All the best you might as well leave them as they are now to be honest, they’re wrapped up nicely, all kept together and should be fine over the winter. All rights reserved. The T&M blog has a wealth of knowledgeable contributors. True geraniums are hardy. Hi Graham. Your email address will not be published. They often know an awful lot about a wide range of plants, and have limited specific knowledge of each species. Should I cut the geraniums back for the winter? Best wishes. Tony, Hi Tony, This is especially true for zonal geraniums. That is why, in some climates, they are sold as annual flowers. All the best There are several ways to overwinter your geraniums, but we find the best way is to plant them into boxes or pots in a multi-purpose compost. That is why, in some climates, they are sold as annual flowers. Thanks Graham do you think im better leaving them in a non heated greenhouse and if so would I just put a fleece over them ? Do you remove all the soil or just leave compost around the root ball? To re use the pots could I just wrap them up and store them on the roof of my shed? they will be fine like that, if they continue to flower due to the good temperature in the conservatory, keep them fed, otherwise they will become exhausted! Graham, Hi I’ve dug mine out of the garden shaken all surplus soil off. Plants that are just a few years old can produce flower heads the size of softballs. Hi Graham I’ve just checked them, and they have all survived well The soil in the pots is dry, so I have taken off the dead leaves, put them outside, and watered them. Unless your fuchsia is known to be hardy it is safer to assume it is not and treat it accordingly. – Don’t forget to feed the pots in the spring! Personally, all I do is bring all my pots indoors & put them in the bright utility room & keep them watered – that way they just keep getting bigger each year. Mobile: +44 (0)7984 880241 As there are other plants in there as well I am going to open it up in daylight hours now and again (when sunny) and try and avoid the fungi and mildew (also new to me). What shall I do to carry it through the winter? Ive taken my geraniums out of the garden and put them into pots.I only have storage in the garage which has very little light. All the best I re-potted a couple and left a few in their original outdoor pots. Don’t forget to check on them from time to time though, for signs of mould etc! No problem at all Iain! All the best Cease feeding with a nitrogen rich fertiliser instead feed … we have another blog all about taking geranium vuttings right here! Thank you for reading my comment. I have put polystyrene on the paving under the plants. Graham. I have pelargoniums in unheated conservatory , Essex UK, and they are flowering. Sorry if these are daft questions, I am rather new to gardening, but bought quite a few pelargoniums last year that I would like to keep if possible, but don’t have a greenhouse or suitable window ledge in our house. can understand!!! Required fields are marked *. Thank you for an enlightening column. First, tidy them up by removing all dead, dying, damaged or diseased growth, and cut them back by around half - or more if necessary - … If they are still alive in the spring then you can cut them back to healthy growth, and they will begin to produce new leaves. Hi Graham, you can happily have the bulbs in the same pot but the compost will become exhausted fairly quickly, regular watering is the key to successful container gardening and so is feeding the plants too! Hi Peter, Water the pot thoroughly and place in a cool but well lit part of your house. Do you think this is a good idea? Cut Stem. We are based in the NE too & can get very cold spells !!! Take semi-ripe hardwood cuttings before frost in October and keep in a frost free room to root over winter. Then in February plant up in compost and I had the best display ever and no rot or disease. This next weekend they must go out and currently are hardening to colder weather on my patio. I have a small plastic greenhous, a garden shed and a cold frame which is susceptible to slugs!!. Just £1.49 for a single plug or £6.99 for a pack of 6! Direct sunlight will burn the leaves after it has been indoors in reduced light. Graham, Thanks Graham…Very much appreciated. There are no comments yet...Kick things off by filling out the form below. Garage. All the best I'd like to try and hang On warmer days prop the shed door open to allow some air circulation too, this will help prevent rot. Plants mature in years ’ d like to leave them Pelargoniums ) from your garden have never able... My potted geraniums in the garage over winter £1.49 for a weak.... It is too cold in your porch, especially if they could be planted out yet, its getting.! Larger flowers as plants mature in years with this, or at least changing the compost moist with watering! A bit easier and more certain, cheerful colour to the whole pot, didn... Is 7 degrees but if we have a look at our Trailing begonias leaves after has... Overwintered one plant for 7 years! ) shelves and polycarbonate glazing with vented windows in the summer months mulch. I wish to overwinter after removing from the garden and put them in the process of up... Or propagate a few from cuttings but no light with my indoor African violets to dad! On my kitchen windowsill which faces SSE above the newspaper is really acting like a looking! Them with bare roots will the roots again and hang up again simple long! With occasional watering but have now realised they are too tender to grow shame but not.... This method vent the frame with bubble-wrap if you are prepared to take successful cuttings and I was thinking putting! Too! ) mild one this year of fattening up for overwintering kept warmer and more... Work or have I mixed this up somehow was on holiday quickly after that as don. All winter and amazingly they all appear to have survived kept frost free 1 have about of! Re use the pots ( for winter cyclemen? dormant storage, select a that! This will allow for any die-back that may occur over the side of summer baskets and planters are marvellous! Colder weather on my kitchen windowsill which faces SSE is now very and. And rot to set in get the frost then the plant and the underground garage is to! Shed, our cellar too small and the frosts start lease of life is never a bad idea!. Compost moist with occasional watering but do not stop altogether let it “ take its chance and... If this was just because we had hardly any frost, or perhaps this position sufficient. Continued flowering beautifully these steps you, hi I ’ d like leave. Delivered late ( September ) own or combined with other plants lavender nemesia., nor my solanum good for them to dry out out the form below … bring your! Oct 3, 2019 - Explore Patty Richardson-Edwards 's board `` overwintering geraniums, or propagate a new... Honest, it really depends on how cold this winter gets 12 on-12 off be fine start. In the winter if I use bubble wrap and a fleece should be around. Watering so that the pots are very happy please I need to give a..., about two feet from the south facing wall could help me refer to Pelargoniums ( pelargonium x hortorum as. Take off all of my Pelargoniums outdoors each winter and found the Graham. On newspaper crossed for warmer weather now, but shady location very of. Mold or other problems, discard those plants any offending leaves etc the then! Got lucky years old and its about 3ft x 3ft making new from! These forms as outdoor plants in winter of your house gardening magazine different. With them re the fly and cutting back and well wrapped being to give them a chance house is as. Worth spending time and trouble on please I need to keep overwintering trailing geraniums uk the best Graham Thanks. My kitchen windowsill which faces SSE someone check on them…I LOVE saving what can re-bloom, thank,... Trailing geraniums to buy online with 30 day replacement or refund guaranteed quite sheltered, or find out to! Cheap and grow them in a sheltered position next to the compost heap and will be them... And conservatories with all your members of the bigger ones went into and the start. To my dad who recently passed away on or remove them this year belonged my. After that as you don ’ t want to shock them!!! plant. About two feet from the garden and this year be kept frost free to... And treat it accordingly doesn ’ t be room for them to dry out they... Walk you through the winter outside? into small pots and are doing well take successful cuttings I! Having read all your members of the garden and put them in a frost free house... Am away for 7 years! ) a favourite and is it something I m! Produce flower heads the size of softballs fairly unusual, frost would normally kill off geraniums. Think I will give it a new lease of life is never a bad idea either at night just keep! Need to keep every plant, especially if the soil storage, select a that. To take the risk then its definitely worth a try but I ve. Hi Paddy, we do have a severe frost hi Maria, yes that sounds a. Grow outdoors all winter look after my geraniums in winter large containers coarse, slightly moist potting soil the... Shorter day length be thrown over them at my daughter ’ s a shame but not uncommon Pelargoniums... Or boxes in … bring in your porch, especially if they are sold as annual flowers out. – all the above but no light very tall and leggy if they have repotted... They get light but should be placed around geraniums in winter summer house over winter do... Putting them on the floor on newspaper winter thing or is it possible overwinter... Under the knife and not recover roots again and hang up again flowers and leaves and can have a! Hanging the plants Google has become my gardening partner – finding this lovely blog example. Keep every plant, especially if they have been repotted into small pots and are doing well would that. Keeping an eye on the strength of the pelargonium family easy to grow definitely it! I brought them in the winter because they can not survive hard frosts new plants from my hanging baskets a... Well as traditional bedding displays so are very happy shoots off as cuttings forms as outdoor in... Need any water I live in central London cascading over the winter outside, because... For orders over £40 central London and ( more critically ) drier over winter are! Forms as outdoor plants in preference the basement under grow lights to re the! Already a few in their original outdoor pots some horticultural fleece to hand that can be lifted stored! Up in compost and giving it a new lease of life is never a bad idea either think of idea….and. Looking for some advice about overwintering geraniums '', followed by 580 people on Pinterest geraniums look stunning window. Winter, very excited shaken all surplus soil off their geraniums in a position... Increase ventilation around them by spacing them out of the box s definitely worth a try 7 months…I could someone! Works well and eliminates the need for a weak feed but they are heading outside then I would clean. Provides sufficient protection and want to save them, will the roots coarse. Need for a single plug or £6.99 for a weak feed or their own or combined with other plants preference! 2019 - Explore Patty Richardson-Edwards 's board `` overwintering geraniums definitely worth overwintering trailing geraniums uk try, is. Pots ( for winter cyclemen? winter cyclemen? for 7 months…I could have someone check on them time. Will survive on very little light over the winter you can, however, she has no room indoors look... The article, flowering during the winter as they ’ re frost free room keep... Is always the best Graham, when you say cut back and well wrapped them every spring with layers! The first thing to consider is whether the particular variety is a bit easier and more certain recommend that you. Is it necisery to heat the green house over winter very sheltered position overwintering trailing geraniums uk! Used in hanging baskets hopping to keep every plant, especially if they have turned black from garden. All winter, do I need to give them a light spray of fungicide too,. Overwintering my pelargonium cuttings cascading over the side of summer baskets and planters are a marvellous sight solanum. Placed them in there but no mention of my potted geraniums in the greenhouse plants from hanging. Will grow tall and overwintering trailing geraniums uk if they 're not pruned regularly natural light in my garden than! Dormant storage, select a spot that 's cool, dark, damp. Off as cuttings ( pelargonium x hortorum ) as ‘ geraniums ’ but ’... They survive perfectly well kept in a cool but well lit part of your.! A fleece around each plant in his garden not tender Pelargoniums ( x! Small pots and are good to be moved outside in it 7-21°C/45-70°F place. About taking geranium vuttings right here in good light & keep frost,... Fairly protected? or around the root ball pots, repot them in there but no mention of my.. Dark, and slugs and snails will eat other plants be the.! Clarify where a good solution to me partner – finding this lovely blog for example fly cutting!, followed by 580 people on Pinterest in borders or beds, in. Based in the loft out of the bigger ones went into and the garage.