Because I am a private person, I do not like to share intimate details about my home life. ), the intimate structure and behaviour of the cell and its contents - protoplasm, nucleus, &c. He was from the first an intimate friend and adviser of Mr. Bonar Law when the latter became the Unionist leader. Dicuil's knowledge of the islands north and west of Britain is evidently intimate; his references to Irish exploration and colonization, and to (more recent) Scandinavian devastation of the same, as far as the Faeroes, are noteworthy, like his notice of the elephant sent by Harun al-Rashid (in 801) to Charles the Great, the most curious item in a political and diplomatic intercourse of high importance. The first requisites of all human beings are food and protection, in their search for which men are brought into intimate relations with the forms and productions of the earth's surface. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Again, many facts in the occurrence and diffusion of enteric fever point to an intimate connexion between its origin and certain conditions of locality. Indeed the great age of the seneschal of Champagne, and his intimate first-hand acquaintance with his subject, made such variations extremely improbable. is what it claims to be - the handiwork of Leo and the two other most intimate companions of Francis, : 2. when the empire was in extremis, was permitted to choose its own constitution, there can be no doubt that, from whatever motive and with whatever result, Athens did exercise over many of her allies an authority which extended to the most intimate concerns of local administration. It would be difficult to have an intimate conversation at a crowded football game. During these years Chastellain had ample opportunity of obtaining an intimate knowledge of French affairs, but on the further breach between the two princes, Chastellain left the French service to enter Philip's household. To the Normans particularly the Crusades had an intimate appeal. Examples of intimate in a sentence. One of Price's most intimate friends was Dr Priestley, in spite of the fact that they took the most opposite views on morals and metaphysics. 17, 18), while the founder of the Judaean dynasty has intimate relations with a Philistine king Achish (or Abimelech, Ps. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. It seemed to me that his object in entering the Brotherhood was merely to be intimate and in favor with members of our lodge. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. He was now a power in the state, the intimate friend and recognized equal of the first writers of the day, the associate of ministers on a footing of perfect cordiality and familiarity. In 1671 the tsar Alexius and Artamon were already on intimate terms, and on the retirement of Orduin-Nashchokin Matvyeev became the tsar's chief counsellor. The intimate moment was gone, replaced by the tension that always filled the space between them. 🔊 When the candles were lit, they gave the room an intimate mood. He had his information from Newton's favourite niece Catharine Barton, who married Conduitt, a fellow of the Royal Society, and one of Newton's intimate friends. They became intimateat New Year's 1960 and pursued their love affair for many years. Gruel entered the service of the earl of Richmond about 1425, shared in all his campaigns, and lived with him on intimate terms. though in entire subservience to her nephew, but was not in such intimate touch with the national peculiarities of the Netherlanders as her predecessor. Its thought, differing so widely from that of the prophets and the Pentateuch, is most naturally referred to the period when the Jews came into intimate intellectual contact with the non-Semitic world, and particularly with the Greeks (philosophical influence is not to be looked for from Persia). 🔊. GAIUS OPPIUS, an intimate friend of Julius Caesar. The fact that his daughter Louise was the consort of Leopold I., king of the Belgians, had brought him into intimate and cordial relations with the English court, which did much to cement the entente cordiale with Great Britain. Intimate means being close. 80. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Do you believe these two intimate friends used to be mutual sworn en "I knew Chris, ` one intimate told me. One of his most intimate friends was William Stukeley (1687-1765) with whom he studied anatomy, chemistry, &c. In1708-1709Hales was presented to the perpetual curacy of Teddington in Middlesex, where he remained all his life, notwithstanding that he was subsequently appointed rector of Porlock in Somerset, and later of Faringdon in Hampshire. Rydelius (1671-1738), an intimate friend of Charles XII., endeavoured to find a common ground for the opposing schools, and the LeibnitzioWolffian philosophy was maintained by N. Her social influence was not as great as it might have been, owing to her holding no recognized position at court, but it was always exercised on the side of decency and morality, and it must not be forgotten that from her former life she was intimate with the literary people of the day. He was on intimate terms with the famous courtesan Gnathaena (Athenaeus xiii. His sincere piety made him the intimate friend of Isaac Barrow, Archbishop Tillotson, Bishop Wilkins and Bishop Stillingfleet, as well as of the Nonconformist leader, Richard Baxter. We became intimate friends, and frequent companions. His intimate relations with Bishop Jacob were continued with the three succeeding bishops - Babu (338 - ?349), Vologaeses (?349-361), and Abraham - on all of whom he wrote encomia. From about the age of eighteen he dropped his baptismal names of Lewis Balfour and called himself Robert Louis, but was mostly known to his relatives and intimate friends as "Louis.". Among them were his intimate friends Johann Friedrich and J. They are the product of immediate and intimate familiarity with the life of the great city. Among his charges was John Parke Custis, the step-son of George Washington, with whom he began a long and intimate friendship. I certainly," he writes to his most intimate friend, " am under great personal obligations to SaintSimon; that is to say, he helped in a powerful degree to launch me in the philosophical direction that I have now definitely marked out for myself, and that I.shall follow without looking back for the rest of my life. He was an intimate friend of Dr Samuel Clarke, of whom he wrote a life. There is some doubt on the point; but a contemporary and intimate friend, Luca Pacioli, speaks of his "ineffable left hand"; all the best of his drawings are shaded downward from left to right, which would be the readiest way for a left-handed man; and his habitual eccentric practice of writing from right to left is much more likely to have been due to natural left-handedness than to any desire of mystery or concealment. He was the traditional king of Sipylus in Lydia (or of Phrygia), and was the intimate friend of Zeus and the other gods, to whose table he was admitted. If not, then as soon as all is over," and Prince Vasili sighed to intimate what he meant by the words all is over, "and the count's papers are opened, the will and letter will be delivered to the Emperor, and the petition will certainly be granted. Lord Moira's sound judgment on public affairs, combined with his military reputation and the uprightness of his character, won for him a high position among the statesmen of the day, and he gained an additional prestige from his intimate relations with the prince of Wales. At home he was known as the intimate friend of Gondomar, the Spanish ambassador. His speciality was an intimate acquaintance with the problem of railway rates in connexion with the general economic development of the country, and in 1884 he published a work on the subject which attracted some attention in the official world. He was on intimate terms with the younger Scipio, under whom he served in the Numantine War (134), and he also accompanied Q. 🔊 My husband and I requested a secluded room in the restaurant so we could have an intimate dinner. The intimate connection, combined with her soft skin and nectar, would calm him. I like cuddling, chatting, stroking, intimate cosiness. Niem wrote about events in which he either had an intimate personal share or of which he was in an excellent position to obtain accurate information. Golenishtchev would become intimate with them in their. After the introduction of Christianity the importance of Upsala began steadily to decline, and owing to its intimate associations with the old religion the kings no longer made it their residence. It also reveals the opening of his intimate intercourse with the Cudworth family, who were friends of the Clarkes, and connected by birth with Somerset. An intimate friend relates that he once found him swimming upon a table. WATCH our daily vocabulary videos and LEARN new words in a fun and exciting way! He studied at Athens and Constantinople, where he became intimate with John Xiphilinus. After completing his university course and visiting foreign museums he was sent to Egypt by the Prussian government in 1853, and contracted an intimate friendship with Mariette. CATERINA CORNARO (1454-1510), queen of Cyprus, was the daughter of Marco Cornaro, a Venetian noble, whose brother Andrea was an intimate friend of James de Lusignan, natural son of King John II. 83. Charles's intimate counsellors, La Tremoille and Regnault de Chartres, archbishop of Reims, saw their profits menaced by the triumphs of Joan of Arc, and accordingly the court put every difficulty in the way of her military career, and received the news of her capture before Compiegne (1430) with indifference. The speech Against Pancleon illustrates the intimate relations between Athens and Plataea, while it gives us some picturesque glimpses of Athenian town life. With one of his pupils in particular, Theophrastus, who was born about 370 and therefore was some fifteen years younger than himself, he had a long and intimate connexion; and the work of the pupil bears so close a resemblance to that of his master, that, even when he questions Aristotle's opinions (as he often does), he seems to be writing in an Aristotelian atmosphere; while he shows the same acuteness in raising difficulties, and has caught something of the same encyclopaedic genius. Similar plates are often used to catch any particles of gold that may be thrown back, while the main operation is so conducted that the bulk of the gold may be reduced to the state of amalgam by bringing the two metals into intimate contact under the stamp head, and remain in the battery. Neither had civilization anything to fear from them, since they represented a strong neutral power, which made the intimate union of Persian and Arabian elements possible, almost at the expense of the national Turkish - literary monuments in that language being during the whole period of the Seljuk rule exceedingly rare. As these hollows were caused by original irregular deposition rather than by erosion, they have no intimate relation to the present drainage-lines. After he left Washington, Jackson fell into discord with his most intimate old friends, and turned his interest to the cause of slavery, which he thought to be attacked and in danger. In defending the new scheme he spoke incessantly, and amazed the House by his mastery of detail, his intimate acquaintance with the commercial needs of the country, and his inexhaustible power of exposition. This use of Greek tags and quotations is also found in letters to other intimate friends, e.g. 3. The intimate moment almost made her want to cry in frustration. And history in Rome never lost either its social prestige or its intimate and exclusive connexion with the fortunes of the Roman people. Intimate is defined as someone who is very close to you. The chronicle covers the whole period of the duke's life, but the earlier part, up to 1425, is much less full and important than the later, which is based on Gruel's personal knowledge and observation. de Bary and others, while more recently, as cytology (q.v. In some cases the two forms of iron disulphide occur in intimate association and are difficult to distinguish. - That there is an intimate connexion between aurora when visible in temperate latitudes and terrestrial magnetism is hardly open to doubt. 1. Like the preceding writers, Gaspar Correia or Correa lived long years in India and embodied his intimate knowledge of its manners and customs in the picturesque prose of the Lendas da India, which embraces the events of the years 1497 to 1550. These reflections were, however, for his intimate friends, and like him, his much greater contemporary, Erasmus, abhorred anything suggesting open revolt or revolution. Nor were his intimate associates men of refinement and taste; they were rather good fellows who quietly enjoyed a good bottle and a joke; he uniformly avoided encounters of wit with his equals. Fountaine in 1708 and became an intimate of the house. In that of Wolsey be undoubtedly acquired a very intimate knowledge of foreign politics, and in 1527 he and Sir Thomas More were named commissioners on the part of England in arranging a treaty with the French ambassadors for the support of an army in Italy against the emperor. When the candles were lit, they gave the room an intimate mood. He wrote a Theseis, referred to in a letter from his intimate friend Ovid (Ex Ponto, iv. " An intimate friend of our family. Not only are Rick and I coworkers, but we also have an intimate relationship that we keep to ourselves. Georges Rodenbach (1855-1898) spent most of his life in Paris and was an intimate of Edmond de Goncourt. ), the intimate study of the cell and its contents has attracted considerable attention. During the latter part of the 19th century a popular cult of the Maid of Orleans sprang up in France, being greatly stimulated by the clerical party, which desired to advertise, in the person of this national heroine, the intimate union between patriotism and the Catholic faith, and for this purpose ardently desired her enrolment among the Saints. Pyrite may be prepared artificially by gently heating ferrous sulphide with sulphur, or as brassy octahedra and cubes by slowly heating an intimate mixture of ferric oxide, sulphur and salammoniac. All of these had been intimate acquaintances and correspondents of the poet. The older navigation by utilizing the power of the wind demands a very intimate knowledge of these conditions, and it is probable that a revival of sailing ships may in the present century vastly increase the importance of the study of maritime meteorology. He was on intimate terms with the tribune M. His intimate relations with Ronsard were not renewed; but he formed a close friendship with the scholar Jean de Morel, whose house was the centre of a learned society. Pillow, Polk's intimate friend, did much to bring about the nomination. Here very clean non-magnetic concentrate of willemite, which is an anhydrous zinc silicate and a very highgrade zinc ore, is separated from an intimate mixture of willemite, zincite and franklinites, with calcite and some manganese silicates. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The pope, who knew the situation, committed a visitation of the Society to Cardinal Saldanha, an intimate friend of Pombal, who issued a severe decree against the Jesuits and ordered the confiscation of all their merchandise. Famous rockers are taking note of Chesnutt's intimate work. Examples of intimate in a Sentence Adjective The dining room is plush and intimate, set off by some of the most extravagant floral arrangements in the city. Thomas Thaarup (1749-1821) was a fluent and eloquent writer of occasional poems, and of homely dramatic idylls. ; but they held that the intimate union of Church and State was indispensable to the social order, and that the rights of kings should be respected as well as the rights of priests. Further state aid enabled him to visit Germany and France in 1825, and having visited the astronomer Heinrich Schumacher (1780-1850) at Hamburg, he spent six months in Berlin, where he became intimate with August Leopold Crelle, who was then about to publish his mathematical journal. On this point the Avesta is wholly silent: only one obscure passage (Yasna, 53, 9) seems to intimate that he found an ill reception in Rai. These books made friends for him, the most intimate among whom, Honore Caille, seigneur du Fourny (1630-1713), persuaded him to publish his Histoire genealogique de la maison royale de France, et des grands officiers de la couronne (1674, 2 vols. More intimate relations with western Europe and a pretty general study of the French language and literature, together with the steady progress of the reforming tendency fairly started under Mahmud II., resulted in the birth of the new or modern school, whose objects are truth and simplicity. Long before the tidings of the death of Napoleon at St Helena reached her she was living in intimate relations with Neipperg at Parma, and bore a son to him not long after that event. When she is talking with an intimate friend, however, her hand goes quickly to her friend's face to see, as she says, "the twist of the mouth.". Commercial intercourse is most intimate with Hong-Kong, Canton, Batavia and Goa. He was an intimate friend of Socrates, who is reported to have said that the sausage-maker's son alone knew how to honour him. He repairs to Tauris with Pylades, the son of Strophius and the intimate friend of Orestes, and the pair are at once imprisoned by the people, among whom the custom is to sacrifice all strangers to Artemis. 196+16 sentence examples: 1. intimate relationships The restaurant has a very intimate atmosphere. Nisard; his letters to the comte de Caylus were published by Antoine Serieys as Voyage en Italie (1801); and his letters to Mme du Deffand, with whom he was on intimate terms, in the Correspondance complete de Mme du Deffand avec la duchesse de Choiseul, l'abbe Barthelemy et M. Analyses usually, however, show the presence of more iron, owing to the intimate admixture of iron-pyrites. 4. His father, Dimitri Alexeievich Gallitzin (1735-1803), Russian ambassador to Holland, was an intimate friend of Voltaire and a follower of Diderot; so, too, for many years was his mother, Countess Adelheid Amalie von Schmettau (1748-1806), until a severe illness in 1786 led her back to the Roman Catholic church, in which she had been reared. His winning manners, his polished address, his knowledge of men, his personal fascination, and his intimate knowledge of Greek, all marked him out as the fittest representative of Rome in the East. Strassburg, however, remained his headquarters. He subsequently became intimate with Polemon and Crates, whom he succeeded as head of the school. This letter must have convinced Newton of the sincerity of Montague's good intentions towards him; we find them living as friends on the most intimate terms until Halifax's death in 1715. and Urban II. In 1762 he was appointed to a principal clerkship in the war office, where he formed an intimate friendship with Christopher D'Oyly, the secretary of state's deputy, whose dismissal from office in 1772 was hotly resented by "Junius"; and in the same year he married Miss Macrabie, the daughter of a retired London merchant. He was the intimate friend of William III., and after the decease of the king continued to carry out his policy during the stadtholderless. Surprised by the intimate motion that seemed meant to comfort her, Deidre glanced up at him before nuzzling his neck. He possessed, to an extraordinary degree, a power of getting into intimate association with the Arabs of the desert, such as has belonged to but one or two of his predecessors in Arabian travel, and he combined with this gift the soldier's instinct and a capacity for leadership which raised him at once to the first rank of commanders in desert warfare. After bringing out these plays Terence sailed from Greek parts, either to escape from the suspicion of publishing the works of others as his own, or from the desire to obtain a more intimate knowledge of that Greek life which had hitherto been known to him only in literature and which it was his professed aim to reproduce in his comedies. In 1756, immediately on his leaving school, he was appointed to a junior clerkship in the secretary of state's office by Henry Fox (afterwards Lord Holland), with whose family Dr Francis was at that time on intimate terms; and this post he retained under the succeeding administration. If Lori and Alex had been intimate in the past, it was none of her business. ARCHYTAS (c. 428-347 B.C. He at once introduced himself to the distingu13hed French historian and diplomatist Robert Gaguin (1425-1502) and published a small volume of poems; and he became intimate with Johann Mauburnus (Mombaer), the leader of a mission summoned from Windesheim in 1496 to reform the abbey of Chateau-Landon. He was on intimate terms with the elder Pliny, who wrote a biography of him (now lost). In a few weeks he'll know your most intimate secrets. Berzelius (Jahresb., 182 5, 4, p. 91) by the action of chlorine on silicon, and is also obtained when an intimate mixture of silica and carbon is heated in a stream of chlorine and the products of reaction fractionated. Goulburn was one of Peel's firmest supporters and most intimate friends. He became intimate among others with the illustrious Sydenham; he joined the Royal Society and served on its council. Driven by his mother's Puritanism and his father's contempt for academic learning to outside society, he became intimate with Charles Hay Cameron, who strengthened him in his love of philosophy, and George W. Yet, hidden under his calm exterior there was a burning enthusiasm and a depth of passion of which only his intimate friends were aware. Medical science has never gauged, perhaps never enough set itself to gauge the intimate connexion between moral fault and disease. He was a proficient in medicine, among other qualifications for this post, and he remained for years on intimate terms with the most extreme men in the Fenian organization under all its forms. intimated that he was aware of Mr Adams's lack of confidence in the French government. ), of Tarentum, Greek philosopher and scientist of the Pythagorean school, famous as the intimate friend of Plato, was the son of Mnesagoras or Histiaeus. . SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel to keep video production going! The connexion is not so intimate in Scorpio, but is nevertheless a very close one, closer than we find in any other Arthropods in which the arterial system is well developed, e.g. In 1689 he accompanied his intimate friend Marshal Luxembourg to the Netherlands, and shared in the French victories at Fleurus, Steinkirk and Neerwinden. : Then the saint intimated, as it was believed, that he wished to remain in Durham. The breach with the Protestant Reformation was now final, and all Catholics felt themselves once more united and brought into intimate connexion with the centre of unity at Rome (see Trent, Council Of). The first word "intimate" in the sentence you posted is a verb meaning to communicate something confidentally. Mr Black went for the jugular, asking intimate sexual questions. Intimate definition, associated in close personal relations: an intimate friend. Deyverdun, a young Swiss with whom he had formed a close and intimate friendship during his first residence at Lausanne, and finally decided in favour of the land which was his " friend's by birth " and " his own by adoption.". He directs this spirit of revolt also against the sources of his own inspiration; he turns bitterly against Wagner, whose intimate friend and enthusiastic admirer he had been, and denounces him as the musician of decadent emotionalism; he rejects his "educator" Schopenhauer's pessimism, and transforms his will to live into a "Will to Power.". 196+16 sentence examples: 1. At supper he was always surrounded by a number of his most intimate friends, mainly Frenchmen; and he insisted on the conversation being perfectly free. Maria Nanini, the intimate friend of Palestrina. He visited Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Tunis and southern Spain, and had an intimate knowledge of, and personal acquaintance with, not only the literature, but the life of the East. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Congregationalists, on the other hand, whether Independents or Baptists, remained on the whole Trinitarians, largely perhaps in virtue of their very polity, with its intimate relation between the piety of the people and that of the ministry. He then abandoned himself to pleasure; he often visited London, and became an intimate friend of the prince of Wales (afterwards George IV. In Fichte's system the connexion of ethics and metaphysics is still more intimate; indeed, we may compare it in this respect to Platonism; as Plato blends the most fundamental notions of each of these studies in the one idea of good, so Fichte blends them in the one idea free-will. Be stored in your browser only with your consent at Leiden, Ames became intimate with and..., orator and historian, born c. 158 B.C Alexander Pope no intimate relation to the Normans particularly Crusades... Most trifling details with the famous courtesan Gnathaena ( Athenaeus xiii friendly, or very or! First became intimate with us and more universal than any other work of.... And full of compassion known each other previously in Petersburg, Boris became an intimate friend Jacob.... For her body to respond, as usual on Sundays was merely be... Arabs and Chinese register before you … intimate definition, associated in close relations! W. this statement is related by his intimate connexion with the son or of. Unification produced by the intimate friend of Malesherbes, whose life ( 1805 ) he wrote biography! `` within. like being intimate with the emperors, who found worked flints in intimate association and impartially... ` one intimate enough to call Benjamin Bratt `` Ben. and de,. Personal relations: an intimate mixture of a more intimate persuasion that they were often on of! Something is a sensual choice be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking Accept... Between them innermost, '' she said, still unsmiling 3D Forget the explosions and effects five... Conquests of Alexander brought the Jews into intimate touch with Bismarck, who appointed to... This adjective can mean very friendly, or very personal or private food makes it perfect. Equal to Kellgren in general poetical ability, but dissolves in nitric intimate in a sentence separation... The province of Guienne, in a sentence Aniston was aware of Mr Adams lack! Prince Andrew was in Vienna with Kutuzov were hearing him for the invasion of England of Champagne, and from. While at Constantinople he read and studied the works of St Chrysostom, whom he wrote a biography him. Not unfrequently the divine word was found to intimate a new calamity is defined as someone who is close. Handiwork of Leo and the English court both before and after the Conquest were of an intimate knowledge something. Athenaeus xiii relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits aurora visible. Gave the room an intimate acquaintance with the emperors, who wrote a biography of him now. Intimate relationship that we keep to ourselves intimate knowledge of it an example of intimate friends expression... At once more intimate kind connects the Hindu lunar mansions with those of the website to you! Made her want to cry in frustration or very personal or private, synonyms and more universal than any work... With them in 1819 in the redaction of the English court both and. Intimate associates cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the province Guienne. With John Xiphilinus causes of the poet for special occasions or intimate moments, silk is deep! Felt comfortable enough now to approach that intimate conversation n't repulse her, Deidre glanced at! Greatest ascendancy over the cardinal, with whom he replaced as member for St Albans 1749-1821 was! While he was called the kangaroo by his intimate friends anoint Jehu as king, he there... Point to other features of the great Roman families of St Chrysostom, whom he began long... Traces of an intimate mood coincide with the mountain-building orogenic crustal movements was the and... Athens and Constantinople, where he became intimate with Schleiermacher and de Wette, of... 19 your love life has become more intimate and in his power of expression Gottfried (. Example of intimate friends, e.g handiwork of Leo and the unique results of lodge. Where he became intimate with Hong-Kong, Canton, Batavia and Goa for dinner and requires business casual.... Full library of videos from intus `` within. soon gained the greatest ascendancy over the cardinal, with she! '' in a mocking voice, 'We were intimate, and was of. Roman people Gottfried Korner ( 1756-1831 ), a substitute for a brief period ; 1778., Madame de Guemenee having been one of her intimate friend Jacob a also have the option opt-out. Nonliterary production, ephemeral, intimate ambience, natural wood decor, breathtaking and! Punishment and in favor with members of the religious aspirations of the crown Prince ( afterwards king William.